Our acoustic products supplied by Autex are an easy way to reduce noise in open offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and public spaces. They deliver excellent acoustic performance for all spaces that creates a positive influence on concentration, productivity, wellbeing and has an innovative and functional design that creates an enjoyable and pleasing environment.

If you have your own ideas and are wanting your own custom order and design, our team are on hand to turn your vision into reality.

Explore our acoustic solutions for your business needs.

Autex Composition® Pinboards

Autex Composition® Pinboards is an acoustic fabric made in solid colours that is designed to be used in the same way as wallpaper.

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Autex Cube™ Pinboards

Autex Cube™ Pinboards is a lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel that can be used as a wall covering, creative medium and stand-alone feature.

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Custom Acoustic Products

BCR Holdings offers a range of customisation tools for your acoustic solution – Prints, Etch™, Mould & Press, and Groove.

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